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What are Extensions?

Discover the world of Hair Extensions – these are genuine human hair pieces or wefts expertly attached using a variety of methods. They’re the secret to adding length, volume, or a splash of color to your natural hair. Whether you’re looking for a long-term transformation or a glamorous touch for special occasions, extensions can be tailored to meet your unique needs. At WAVES Salon in The Woodlands, TX, we specialize in two extension methods that we believe can turn any hair dream into reality.

If you’re considering this widely popular treatment to perk up your look, please keep reading below.

Types of Extensions We Offer

We at the WAVES Salon in The Woodlands offer our clients two types of extensions that can be customized to each client’s needs: hand-tied or tape-in.

Hand Tied: Hand-tied extensions are a method where a stylist attaches beads onto a row of a client’s natural hair to create a base. The weft of hair is then sewn into the base that the stylist created for a secure and invisible installation. The number of rows used depends on the client’s hair density, length, and overall desired result. The hand-tied method is ideal for clients looking for luxurious volume and length enhancement without the use of any glues or stress on singular strands of hair. The hair can be maintained by tightening the beads in between installation appointments. With a proper haircare routine, the hair can be used multiple times.

Tape-In: Tape-ins are applied by laying a thin veil of the client’s hair over the top of an extension piece. A second extension piece is then applied directly on top of the first piece, “sandwiching” the natural hair in between. The number of “sandwiches” can be customized for each individual client and their desired results. With this method, the extensions do not feel heavy on the head and can last up to two months before needing a touch-up. Lastly, the hair is reusable using this method.

How Much Do Extensions Cost in The Woodlands, TX?

The cost of your extensions at WAVES Salon in The Woodlands will depend on various factors such as the length, thickness, and health of your hair. The best way to arrive at a price point is to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled extension specialists at your convenience.

How Long Do Extensions Take?

The length of an Extension Installation at WAVES Salon in The Woodlands will depend on the client’s desired goal, how much hair they are adding, hair length, and thickness.

In general, hand-tied extensions can take from 1-3 hours whereas tape-in extensions can take between 1 to 2 hours.

Why Choose Us?

At WAVES Salon in The Woodlands, we treat a visit to the Salon as an experience. We value your time and need to feel your best. We are passionate about creating a relaxed, memorable experience with warm and hospitable client relations.

We have built a relaxing ambiance with natural lighting, allowing our stylists to create amazing hair transformations. Our highly trained and talented hairstylists take pride in finding out what your hair goals are, equipping you with the knowledge to maintain and recreate your amazing style at home.

Why Choose Us?


Your Extension maintenance schedule at the WAVES Salon in The Woodlands will vary based on the type of extensions and how well you take care of the extensions at home. We recommend most extension clients visit every 4-8 weeks but check with your stylist after your service and they can guide you on the appropriate time for you.

At Home Care

Hair extensions require special care. The better you care for them, the more use you’ll get out of them. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you can care for these tresses at home:

  • Use soft-bristled brushes
  • Do not wash frequently (extensions don’t have natural hair oils)
  • Avoid using high heats to style
  • Always use a heat protectant when applying any heat to your extensions
  • Do not use too many hair products
  • Use mild shampoos and conditioners

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