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Mane Additions

Elevate your hair care regimen with our exclusive “Mane Additions” add-on services. Infuse your hair with vitality, brilliance, and an extra touch of luxury, all while enjoying the innovative formulations of R+Co and R+Co BLEU. Choose your path to flawless hair today:

Concentrate Boost
| $25

Unlock the Power of Personalization: Dive into a world of customized care with our Concentrate Boost. Choose from our elite selection of deep conditioning treatments, tailored to meet the unique needs of your hair. Whether it’s moisture, strength, or shine you’re seeking, we have a concentrate for you. Infused with R+Co’s cutting-edge technology, each treatment promises to keep your locks lush and healthy for an average of 21 shampoos. Elevate your hair’s natural beauty and keep the good hair days coming.

The Essentials
| $70

Elvate Your Hair Ritual: Transform your hair care routine into a bespoke beauty ritual with two signature R+Co products, personally selected for you. Alongside, enjoy a complimentary concentrate treatment to amplify your salon experience. This tailored package marries the convenience of at-home maintenance with the indulgence of professional care, ensuring your hair radiates health and sophistication every day. Embrace the modern way to maintain your mane’s magnificence and vibrancy.

*Excluding masques

BLEU Luxe Life
| $100

Ultimate Indulgence in Hair Care: Step into the realm of unmatched luxury with our R+Co BLEU Luxe Life option. Choose two premium R+Co BLEU products to take home, ensuring your hair receives the pinnacle of care with every wash and style. Accompanied by a complimentary concentrate treatment, this package offers a comprehensive approach to achieving and maintaining your hair’s health, vibrance, and elasticity. Indulge in the luxury you deserve and the quality your hair craves.

*Excluding masques

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